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handle with care


Both the Moon Flapper Bag and Leaf Bag use BBG cow leather.

BBG (also known as “baseball glove” leather) is used by professional glove makers. It is known for its extreme durability, soft texture and high-quality.
The high cost of BBG leather is due to the difficulty in perfecting the full-grain leather’s natural imperfections.
As full-grain leather ages it becomes glossy and glamorous, developing a much sought-after patina appearance, rather than wearing out. This unique characteristic makes it so that YOUR bag cannot ever be duplicated.
Truly, the more you use it, the better it looks and feels.






If the leather gets wet, please leave it out to dry naturally in a shady area. Do NOT dry the bag with direct heat.
Store the bag in a shady area, and avoid high temperature and humidity as much as possible.
Full-grain leather is vulnerable to humidity (steam, rain, sweat, etc.), friction, and staining, so please handle with care.
To get stains out from leather, please wipe the material with a smooth cloth or use leather cleaner.

Let the leather goods age gracefully.
Leather improves with age, like we do.

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